The Problem

Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust Queen Alexandra Hospital wanted to consider additional options when it came to certain products that are used in the treatment of patients. The trust was looking for alternative options and the ability to make savings where possible. Furthermore, the trust also wants to make sure that it could source these products from one provider as opposed to multiple suppliers.

The aim is to replace the incumbent trocar, monopolar scissor, suction irrigation and retrieval bag range. These would be replaced with the Genmed alternatives. The trocars were initially trialled by Mr Carter at Portsmouth Spire and he claimed that he liked the trocars and would like to trial them at Portsmouth’s Queen Alexandra Hospital.

The aim of the trial, which involved the Genmed Trocar was to determine if the performance of the Genmed trocars could bring with them additional savings when compared to that of the balloon trocar which is used by some consultants.

While Genmed is not aware of the prices being paid by the trust, the market knowledge of competitor pricing suggests that the savings that are available will be of significant value to the trust.

The Solution

So, in order to offer more product options and cost savings, Genmed were given permission to undertake a comprehensive trial with Trocats, Monopolar Scissors, Suction Irrigation and Retrieval bags.

The trial initially began with the use of the standard threaded trocar range and the aim was to demonstrate where the performance would offer additional savings against the balloon trocar which is used by some consultants.

Genmed does appreciate that the balloon trocar does offer benefits for certain cases and so, it was important that it was made clear that this was understood. The trial started on 14th July and ended on 30th July and throughout the trial, Genmed made sure that all evaluation forms were completed and handed into the relevant individuals. We were also given the weekly laparoscopic cases being undertaken each week. This allowed Genmed to attend all theatres with laparoscopic cases with the aim of gaining permission from the Consultant in theatres to trial the products. Furthermore, it also made it possible to ensure that the necessary products were available to fulfil the cases that day.

The trial involved all staff being made aware of the items that they were using and that they were part of the trial while it was also important to ascertain the preferences of each surgeon. Initially, there was an element of inconsistency on the suction irrigation and this was down to the pressure on the VAX system being set too high. Once this had been identified, the pressure was set correctly and no further issues were experienced.

The Outcome

During the trial, most of the surgeons that used our products agreed that they are acceptable or clinically superior. The majority of evaluations undertaken were for trocars and this is where most of the scores were provided by surgeons. It was also identified that no issues were experienced with the monopolar scissors or the standard retrieval bags. Those surgeons who showed an interest in the Genmed balloon trocars will require additional trials and this will be done on a case-by-case basis with those surgeons.

It was also identified that potential savings could be made by the trust as well as streamline the supply chain. Furthermore, should the products be successfully implemented then further savings opportunities could be explored.

Case Studies

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